Akpos Joke: Free restaurant food

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Akpos went to a restaurant with just Gh¢50. So he ordered for food worth Gh¢40.

As he sat down to eat, a man sitting besides me putting on a nice shirt said to him: “Sir, I love the way you eating, you can add more food, I will pay”.

Akpos quickly added more food for Gh¢80. The guy then told him again: “You eat so well; add 2 bottles of soft drinks so that you can drink after eating”.

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Akpos made the order. after drinking one bottle, he tried opening the second bottle, the opener fell down and as he bent over to pick it, he was shocked to see that the man who sat beside him was bare footed.

Then he noticed that he was a mad man.

The mad man smiled, looked at Akpos and said: “The way they are going to beat you here today, only God will save you!”

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