Akpos Joke: Son of God

March 24, 2014 | By | 2 Comments

As pastor Akpos was preaching in church one Sunday, a man with Ak47 ran in and pointed a gun at the congregation saying, “Who is a child of GOD here?! Let me send him to heaven!”
The congregation remained silent. He then released one shot into the roof, and the congregation pointed at Akpos saying, “It’s the Pastor! He always says that he is a child of GOD!”
Pastor Akpos replied, “What kind of conspiracy is this? Every one here knows that I am the son of Ekua Safoa Donkor. How am I related to GOD?”

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  • Olaoluwa Adekanmbi

    Akpos don’t want to die.

  • So funny akpos is not a child of God oo, even the church.