Akpos Joke: Narrow Escape

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Akpos works as a shop attendant in a grocery store. The shop sells fruits only in full basket. One day, a huge man came in and demanded to buy half basket of fruits. Akpos tried to explain that they sell only full baskets, but the man looked menacingly at Akpos and Akpos quickly stopped for he feared being beaten up by the man. He then told the man to wait a few minutes for him to tell the Manager inside the office.

Akpos went in and said, “Oga there is a stubborn, stupid man outside who insisted he needed half basket and I tried to explain but the fool stubbornly refused to leave…”

As he was saying this, he noticed that the Manager could not reply but was apparently starring at someone behind him. Akpos looked back and noticed that the man had entered the office and overheard what he has been saying.

Looking for how to escape from this man, he then cleverly said, “…and Oga, this gentleman wants to buy the other half.”

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