The Best of Akpos (2014)

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AKPOS: Papa when I go HEAVEN,
I go ask Mama why she Died so Soon..

What if she dey HELL?..

AKPOS: Na u go ask her be that
Akpos: 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 Teacher:
where is 5?
Akpos: Yesterday, I heard on the
news that 5 died in a car accident
EKAETTE: Before we Marry u dey
give me Gifts, Wetin happen

AKPOS: Fishermen still dey give Worm to Fish wey he
don catch ?
AKPOS; Sweetheart, let’s play Hide
& Seek..
EKAETTE; Noooooo, the last time
we did, I didn’t
find u till February 15
Two days to to Valentine’s day:

Girlfriend: Baby, I heard the new BlackBerry is out.
Akpos: All BlackBerrys always hang.

Girlfriend: This one doesn’t hang.
Akpos: so I’m a liar abi? Its over between us
Teacher: Can U see God?
Akpos: No.
Teacher: Then there isn’t a God!
Akpos: Sir, can U see ur brain?
Teacher: No.
Akpos: so u have no Brain
Akpos:I am dreaming to be
rich…just like my

Teacher: “Is ur father

Akpos: No,he’s dreaming Too
Wife: If i knew u were dis Poor I
wuldn’t av married u!
Akpos: what do u think I
meant when I said u were the
only thing I have in
this world?

Joba: Bros, why u wan Divorce
your Wife na..
AKPOS: She too dey Smile for
Sleep, e be like She
don get another Husband for her
OCHUKO: Guy, why u wan swallow
that MAGNET ..
AKPOS: Ekaette say I no dey
TEACHER: Why are those two
Mental People
Kissing each other.. AKPOS: They
are MADLY in love.

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