Akpos Joke: The Cemetary

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Akpos stayed very close to the
cemetery so used that to outwit
okada riders and taxi drivers. He
would simply alight at the
cemetery junction, fill his nostrils
with cotton and speak nasally.
This scared every driver and rider
and wouldn’t wait to ask him for
money but run for dear life. Akpos
did this for years and successfully
outwitted every driver thinking he
was a ghost. One cool evening,
Akpos boarded this okada and as
usual alighted at the cemetery
junction. “MONEY” the angry
looking okada man asked. Akpos
was at his best, stuffed cotton
wool into his nostrils and spoke
nasally; “I dont have money!” The
okada man wouldn’t take any of
that, and kept insisting. This
frustrated Akpos, who later said;
“Ok, ok, follow me into the
cemetery. . to my room and I will
pay you”. The okada man agreed
and followed him till they got to
one grave. Akpos in his attempts
to frighten the okada man
knocked on the grave and
screamed; “Uche! ,Uche!, Uche!,
abeg give me N800 make I pay
this stubborn okada man” All of a
sudden, a very big hand holding
N1000 appeared through the
grave accompanied with a voice
saying; “Take, this one na ma last
card. . .” Two pair of shoes (both
right leg)
belonging to Akpos and the
Okada man were found on the
scene as at the time gathering
this report.
We learnt Akpos ran home with
fresh shit all over his pants…. he’s
yet to recover form the shock.
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