Akpos Joke: Fighting teachers

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Jokes By Akpos !!!
Two teachers were arguing in the class as Akpos and other students were watching.
Other teachers were trooping in one after the other:

ENGLISH TEACHER: What a pugnacious and combatant fight teachers maneuverating
themselves in the presence of their pupils.

CHEMISTRY TEACHER: Stop this now or I’ll balance your equation with acid and base.

MATHS TEACHER: Please please stop before I divide and subtract your names from our teachers’ list.

CHRISTIAN Religious Studies TEACHER: Oh God of Nazareth, forgive them cos they do not know what they are doing.

ECONOMICS TEACHER: What a human behavior, I’ll draw a scale of preference to know
who’s at fault.

MUSIC TEACHER: Stop both of you lack voices to win an argument, your phonet is
voiceless, your treble ,and your auto lack vocal sound.

HISTORY TEACHER: Oh my God of century 2013 I’ll compare this fight to that of Iran and Iraq..

BIOLOGY TEACHER: What a shame between these two species of Homo sapiens.
The knot of your Medula Oblongata is loosing I must get a Spanner to stop this Osmosis.

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