Akpos Joke: WAEC Examination

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In WAEC examination, Akpos was
asked to complete the
1. He who fights and run away?
Akpos: E don surrender be dat
na, na fear catch am

2. A rolling stone?
Akpos: No fit just dey roll, na person push am.

3. He who lives in a glass house?
Akpos: Na rich politician e go be.

4. A stitch in time?
Akpos: Dey prevent further tear tear.

5. Birds of the same feather?
Akpos: Na the same mama born them.

6. One good turn?
Akpos: Na correct power steering fit do am.

7. A bird in hand?
Akpos: Wetin e wan be again if no be barbeque. Dem plenty for chicken republic.

8. Half bread is better than?
Akpos: Puff puff, buns or garri without sugar.

9. A journey of a thousand miles?
Akpos: Na d person wahala be dat na, Why e no enter car or aeroplane jeje?

10. He who laughs last?
Akpos: Get brain problem. Make dem examine am, becos na begining of madness be dat.

11. A patient dog?
Akpos: Na hunger go kill am.

12. All work and no play?
Akpors: Na bank job be dat bros.

13. Once beaten?
Akpos: Na revenge go follow be dat.

14. A fool at forty?
Akpos: U never see Naija own, our own starts @ 50.

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