Akpos Joke: Shocking Zero percent

December 5, 2013 | By | 1 Comment

Akpos got 0% marks in an exam and was surprised because all his answers were seemingly correct!

Do you feel that he was wrongly penalised?

The questions and answers below:


Q.1- In which battle did Tipu Sultan Die ?..

Ans.- In his Last Battle..


Q.2- Where was the Declaration of Independence Signed?

Ans.- At the Bottom of the Page..


Q.3- What is the Main Reason for Divorce ?..

Ans.- Marriage..


Q.4- Ganga Flows in which State ?..

Ans.- Liquid State..


Q.5- When was Mahatma Gandhi Born ?..

Ans.- On His Birthday..


Q.6- How will you Distribute 8 Mangoes among 6 People ?..

Ans.- By Preparing Mango Shake..!!

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