Akpos Joke: Job benefits

November 29, 2013 | By | Add a Comment

Akpos was called for an interview by Chevron based on his performance while working for shell.

INTERVIEWER: What is your current pay at Shell and what are you looking at with Chevron?

AKPOS: N9m per annum plus medical and other benefits. Considering the position here in Chevron, I’d be looking at N20-22m per annum, a status car, overseas vacation and medicals.

INTERVIEWER: Today is your lucky day! The position comes with N35m per annum salary, 2014 Range Rover Sport as official car, Mercedes Benz S65 AMG as status car, overseas medical treatment. A fully furnished house here in lekki, health insurance for your wife and children, 2 houses to be built for you in any town of your choice and in your village, annual overseas vacation for you and your family fully-paid first class, N2m wardrobe allowance per annum, cook, steward and 2 drivers, country club membership, and you’re entitled to keep all that the company gives you if you put in just 3 years of service…

AKPOS: (in bewildered excitement) HAAA!!!! Sir, you must be joking!!!

INTERVIEWER: Of course I’m joking! Were you not the one that started it?

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