Akpos Joke: The interview

November 7, 2013 | By | 2 Comments

Following is how Akpos fared when he interviewed for a job recently:

Interviwer: Tell me the opposite of good.

Akpos: Bad.

Interviewer: Come.

Akpos: Go.

Interviewer: Ugly.

Akpos: Fine.

Interviewer: You are wrong!

Akpos: You are right!

Interviewer: Shut up!

Akpos: Keep talking!

Interviewer: Ok, now stop all that.

Akpos: Ok now carry on all that.

Interviewer: Get out!

Akpos: Come in!

Interviewer: Oh my GOD.

Akpos: Oh my devil.

Interviewer: You are rejected.

Akpos: Im selected.

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  • Felix Felix

    D riGht ansas for d opp

  • Adejobi Joseph

    u 2 much