Pastor Akpos

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Akpos, a highly revered pastor tells wife on a Thursday morning that he’s leaving for a three day prophetic conference.

Wife: Darling, let’s share a word of prayer before u leave.

Pastor Akpos: Of course, that’s why I love u.

Wife: Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for my husband, grant him travelling mercies as he’s going.

Pastor Akpos: Amen.

Wife: Father, by your power, cause his p***s 2 stop functioning if he dare commits adultery.

Pastor Akpos: [Silent]

Wife: In fact Lord, let him not return home alive after any adulterous act.

Pastor Akpos: [Silent]

Wife: Lord kill him if …

Pastor Akpos: Ooooo shut up! Wicked woman, I won’t even go again!

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