Akpos Joke: The general’s daughter

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Akpos called his girlfriend, Joy,  on phone, but unfortunately her father, an Army General picked the call:

General: Hello! May I know you?

Caller (Akpos): Sorry I want to speak with Joy, sir.

General: I said who are you and why are you calling my daughter?

Akpos: (Akpos knew he had to act fast) Okay Sir, I am FRANK EDOHO from WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE. Joy’s friend is presently on hot seat and needs her help to answer a question for 2 Million Naira. So the next voice you hear after is hers, the time starts now…….

General: Ooh am very sorry!!! Joy! Joy!! Pls take your phone your friend needs your
Akpos: The question is, when are you coming tomorrow? A. Morning, B. Afternoon, C.Evening, D. Night. Joy: D. Night.

Akpos: Are you sure? Final answer?.

Joy: Yes am very sure!
Akpos: okay, greet that father of yours for me

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