Akpos Joke: Military friend

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A man drove past a military road block and the officers asked him to pull over.

The man started shouting at them “Do you know who I am? Ehn! Do you know…”

One officer interrupted “hey, you see those blocks at the other side of the road? They are 200 and you are going to bring them here”.
After they beating him, they made him carry the blocks.

He had carried 191 blocks, when Akpos, a superior officer came around.
The man recognized Akpos, his former class mate and beckoned to him.
“Akpos, thank God, you’re here,” he said.

“What is the meaning of this!? Who asked you to carry this blocks?” Akpos screamed.
The man pointed at the officers that made him do it.

Akpos turned to them “You all are in serious trouble!” Then he turned back to his former classmate “Sorry for the misunderstanding, how many blocks did they make you carry?”

“191 blocks. Can you imagine?” the man said.

“Ok, you know what, just return the blocks to where they were and you can be on your way”

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