Akpos Joke: Evidence

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AKPOS: I want to buy dog food.
Seller: Do you have a dog?.
Seller: Where is it?.
AKPOS: At home.
Seller: Sorry, i can’t sell you dog food unless i
see the dog
first, it is our policy.

The Next Day….
AKPOS: Do you have cat food?.

Seller: Where is your cat?.
AKPOS: It is at home.
Seller: Sorry, i can’t sell cat food for you
i see the cat.

Two Days Later….
AKPOS went there holding a nylon bag.
Seller: What is in your bag?.
AKPOS: Put your hand inside first.
(The seller puts his hand inside)
Seller: It’s cold, what is it?.
AKPOS: It is my poo, i brought it as evidence
because I need toilet paper.

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