Akpos Joke: Escapology

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One day, Akpos the fisherman was travelling with a Professor and the following conversation ensued:

Professor: Fisherman, do you know Ecology?
Fisherman Akpos: No
Professor: What about Zoology?
Fisherman Akpos: No
Professor: what of Biology?
Fisherman Akpos: I don’t know.
Professor: (irritated) What on Earth do you know this man your going to die in ignorance.
Two hours later their boat started to sink and the Professor got scared.
Akpos then asked, “do you know swimminology? ”
Professor: No
Fisherman Akpos: What about Escapology from the Riverolog?
Professor: No
Fisherman Akpos: Today, the Crocodiology is going to consume your Headology beacause of your bad Mouthology.

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