Ghana Joke: Ananse visits Kofi

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Ananse visited his friend kofi .
Kofi called his wife and asked her to serve them drinks.

when the wife was done with the serving, she sat down right opposite Ananse with her legs open. Ananse could not control himself so he enjoyed the view. when kofi went inside the house, kofi’s wife said to Ananse,”do you like what you see”?

Ananse said YES. Kofi’s wife said ,”you can have it, but it will only cost you ghc 5,000, and Ananse agreed so they fixed a time, 12pm the next day when the husband kofi, will be at work. So the next day, Ananse came over at the exact time and they enjoyed themselves then he paid her.
When kofi came back, this was what transpired between them:

kofi: Honey was Ananse here to day?

Wife: [AFRAID] yes

kofi: At 12pm right ?

Wife: [AFRAID ] yes

kofi: OHH, Ananse my good friend, always keeping time …

Wife: Honey, why do you ask?

Kofi: He came over to my office this morning and borrowed ghc 5,000 from me promising to bring it back to you at the house by 12pm, so did he bring it ?
* describe Ananse*

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  1. fenning

    h33333 wise among all

  2. victoria

    don’t get the question?

  3. star

    this man na go kill me oo

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