Four Akpos Jokes

August 30, 2013 | By | Add a Comment

1) JOBA: Akpos, why you dey sleep with ruler every night?

AKPOS: My teacher says she wants to know how long I sleep.

2) SULE: Bros, why you dey wrap your phone with black handkerchief?

AKPOS: Rukewe dey owe me money so I dey hide my number before I call am.

3) AKPOS: I wish I had been born 4,000 years ago.


AKPOS: I would not have to learn too much in History class.

4) AKPOS: You look like someone I’ve seen on TV before, are you a celebrity?

GIRL: (blushing) Awww, thanks. Who exactly?

AKPOS: Bakary Sagna.

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