Akpos Joke: The wickedness of Akpos

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Akpos was traveling with five other people in a mini-van.
Halfway into the journey, the vehicle somersaulted and everyone died.
The soon found themselves standing before an angel at the gates of heaven.

The angel told them that they were lucky to be there at that particular time, noting that the day was Jesus’ birthday.
Being a special day in heaven, the angel asked them to make any wish of their choice and it would be granted.

The first person came forward and said, ” I’m 30 years. I died too early. Please send me back to my first family. Immediately, the man back to earth.
Akpos, who was the last in line burst out laughing loudly.

The second man came forward and also requested to be sent back to earth, and was sent back.
The third, fourth, and fifth persons made similar requests, which were granted. Akpos’ laughter kept getting louder as each man was sent to earth.
It finally got to Akpos’ turn and the following conversation ensued.

Angel: Friend, you can make only one wish so choose wisely.
Akpos: ( Laughing loudly) What I want is this: Those people you just sent to earth, bring them back!

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