Akpos Joke: The strange restaurant

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Hungry Akpos was going along the street.

He got to a place and saw a sign board with the inscription “Eat as much as you can here, your grandson will pay”.

Akpos went in and confirmed from the receptionist who confirmed the statement. The hungry man now ordered for series of food with assorted meat, fish, turkey and others. He ate and ordered for drinks in excess.

He drank excessively. As he was preparing to go, the steward called him and gave him a bill of 2,000 Naira.

Akpos was annoyed and asked “what the hell is going on here? What is this?” (So so big big grammar)

The steward answered, “It is the bill of your fore-father which you must pay so that your grandson would pay for the one you ate, ok?”

Akpos fainted.

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