Akpos Joke: The picnic

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Three friends Akpos, Rukewe and Oghene decided to go for a picnic.

Rukewe packs the picnic basket with drinks and sandwiches. Oghene carried the basket and they set out for the park 10km away.

It takes them two hours to get there. When they arrived, Oghene found out that Rukewe did not pack the bottle opener.

They begged Akpos to make the four hour trip to go for the opener.

He disagreed. “You’ll finish the sandwiches before I return”, Akpos protested.

“No we won’t'”, assured Rukewe.

After some more cajoling from them, Akpos reluctantly decides to go and bring the opener.

After five hours, there was no sign of Akpos. They decided to wait for another 3 hours, still no sign of Akpos. After waiting for more than 8 hours they were now very hungry so they decided to take one sandwich each.

As they were about to eat, Akpos jumped out from behind a rock screaming “I KNEW IT! I KNEW YOU WOULD EAT THE SANDWITCHES!  I’M NOT GOING AGAIN!!!”

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