Akpos Joke: The Examination

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Akpos and his best friend Eazy sat in the exam room to write their final year exam.

Eazy had studied verywell for the paper, but Akpos had not.

This is what went on between them in the exam room:

INVIGILATOR: 10 minutes to Stop work.

AKPOS: Eazy are you done with the theory?

EAZY: Yes, but I’m now doing the objectives.

AKPOS: Ok, then pass the theory to me for me to copy, cos i have not done anything.

Eazy: Is that so? Ok take it and copy cos time is not on our side.

AKPOS: Thanks

INVIGILATOR: Get ready to stop work……

EAZY: Hey, Akpos give me my paper.

AKPOS: Oh Eazy i couldnt do it oo…the questions were too many, so I cancelled your name and wrote mine there.

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