Akpos Joke: Suicide Mission

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Akpos, a bus driver, was driving from Ozoro to Lagos. He had a sticker at the back of the bus which said: He will give his angels charge over thee.

By the time he got to Warri, he was driving at a high speed of 135km/hr. His passengers cautioned him, but he simply responded, Haven’t you seen the sticker at the back of the car? Angels are on guard.”
Akpos got to Benin on a very high speed of 185km/hr.

By this time many passengers were frightened and decided to alight. They got down and Akpos continued the journey to Lagos alone.

He said to himself, “Faithless people, they don’t believe angels are on guard.”

On getting to Ore, he was comfortably cruising at a very, very high speed of 215km/hr when he heard shouts inside the bus” “Akpos, drop us! Drop us! We cannot continue this journey.”

A shocked Akpos turned around and didn’t see anybody. “Where are these voices coming from? I dropped all the passengers at Benin. Who are those talking?”
The people replied; Akpos, drop us now. We are the angels on guard, but this trip is becoming a suicide mission. We can’t be part of it.”

(Akpos drove into Lagos slowly, at a reasonable speed of 35km/hr).

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