Akpos Joke: Akpos’ daughter’s pregnancy

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A young girl in her teens got pregnant. Her father, Akpos, was so furious.

He asked her who was responsible for the pregnancy and she said mentioned a rich famous chief.

Akpos called the chief over to the house and they sat down to discuss the matter.

Akpos: Chief, I heard you are responsible for my daughter’s pregnancy.

CHIEF: You are right, that is true, let me add this, if she gives birth to a male child, I will give you $500,000 with a furnished flat. If she gives birth to a female child, I will give you $200,000 and a bungalow. If she gives birth to twins, I will give you $1 million with a duplex, but if she gets a miscarriage…

Akpos: [interrupts] You will have to sleep with her again!

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