Funny Joke: Ten sins committed on Facebook

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1. You buy some cheap underwear at a Bend- Down- Select under market& on facebook you write:”I love Gucci underwears” *God is watching you*

2. You’re a married man with 2 kids & on facebook you always claim to be single *God is watching you*

3. You’re 21 yrs old & you’re dating a man of 59 yrs, your updates say “can’t wait to see my baby.” Is that your baby or your ancestor? *God is watching you*

4. You’re are drinking ice water & you update “I’m drinking Johnny Walker on the rocks” *God is watching you*

5. You’re in the house Listening to a radio but you update “watching superman man of steel at the cinemas” *God is watching you*

6. You sell retail biscuit, airtime n chewing gums or in an grocery SHOP & u update “had a long day in the office” *God is watching you*

7. You are waiting for a mat/taxi & u update “stuck in traffic thank God for the air conditioner in ma car” *God is watching you*

8. You are using some fake Chinese phone and you update ur status “My laptop is slow” *God is watching you*

9. You are in some fake slum n u update your status “near New York” *God is watching you*

10. Your real name is Bizibu/Kekimirenzyo or some funny names and on facebook u call yourself Mcute Pretty Bootylicious Fly *God is watching you* Gud Afternoon Palz!!!

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