English Language by Mr Akpos, a Primary School Teacher

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1. Don’t dare talk infront of
my back
2. 1 2 3, both of you get out
of my class!
3. Take 5cm wire of my
4. All of you stand in a
straight circle
5. Be quiet… the principal
just passed away
6. Why are you looking at the
monkeys outside
when I am here?
7. I have 3 daughters, they
are all girls
8. Did you see me on the
radio yesterday?
9. Everybody is entitles to 1
ball of kenkeyand1 ball of
10. Stop making noise like
empty sardinetins of milk
11. The son of the man is a
12. This is your permanent
place, sit herefor
the mean time
13. Take the lead and follow
14. I would rather kill myself
than commit suicide.

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