Akpos trades words with English Teacher

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Akpos went to school one morning with an empty stomach and it was an English class.

Mr. Awara entered the class with his face looking tough. After greeting him, he asked us to have our seat.

He wrote on the board “what is a verb” and called out at Akpos to answer the question.

Mr. Awara: What is a Verb?

Akpos: A Verb is a valve found in bicycle tyre.

Mr. Awara: What are you saying?

Akpos: It is a complete sentence sir.

Mr. Awara: Are you mad?

Akpos: It is a question sir.

Mr. Awara: Don’t be stupid.

Akpos: It is an advice sir.

Mr. Awara: Stop that nonsense.

Akpos: It is a command sir.

Mr. Awara: You’re an idiot.

Akpos: It is an insult sir.

Mr. Awara: Get out of my class.

Akpos: It is an order sir.

Mr. Awara: Oh! Goodness, What a boy!

Akpos: It is an exclamation sir.

Mr. Awara: May God have mercy on you.

Akpos: It is a prayer sir.

Mr. Awara: You need to see a doctor.

Akpos: It is a suggestion sir.

Mr. Awara: I rest my case.

Akpos: It is your choice sir.

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