Akpos Jokes Collection: You Must Laugh!

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1 Girl: I’m warning you, my Mummy is coming backsoon..
AKPOS: But I’m not doing anything..
Girl: That’s why I’m warning you, Hurry up.

2.CASHIER: This is the 5th movie ticket you’ve bought tonight Sir, Why?..
AKPOS: Yes, that Idiot at the entrance keeps tearing it

3.TEACHER: What’s your favorite flower?..
AKPOS: Chrysanthemum.. TEACHER: Spell it..
AKPOS: I was joking ooh. My favorite flower is Rose: R-O-S-E

4.Two Girls were sitting at a club. One was ugly and the other one was beautiful. Akpos walked straight to
the ugly girl.
Akpos: Hello!
Ugly girl: Hi!!
Akpos: Wanna dance?
Ugly Girl: Yes (excited)
Akpos: OK, Go and dance, I want to talk to your friend.

5.Papa Akpos: My pikin say you drive am commot for school, Wetin he do?
Akpos’ Teacher :- Your son is not brilliant at all, he cant even spell “LION” …
Papa Akpos : Ah Ah…You know say na SMALL pikin……You for tell am make he spell SMALL ANIMAL like “MOSQUITO”…

6.Akpos : Why are all these people running ? ?
Rukewe: Its a competition, the winner will be given a phone. .
Akpos: What a pity. Why are they are all running if they know that only one person will get the phone.

7. Teacher. . . If You have 5 Naira and U ask ur Dad for another 5 Naira , how much will you have?
Akpos: 5 Naira
Teacher: You don’t know maths
Akpos: You dont know my fada.

8.Senator: Hey, Youngman! I heard that you are the idiot that disvirgined my only Daughter.
Akpos: Oga sori, it won’t happen again. .

9. Joy: Akpos please leave; you cant date me bcos you are not responsible. .
Akpos: Hahaha, who told you that dat. In my area, when any girl gets pregnant, she says I’m responsible.

10: Young man, you coming to seek my daughter’s hand in marriage and you are chewing gum.
That’s a sign of disrespect!

Akpos: Sir, I only chew gum when I drink or smoke.
Father-In-Law: You mean u drink & smoke and you are here to seek my daughter’s hand in marriage?

Akpos: Sir I only drink & smoke when I go to the club.
Father-In-Law: U club too?

Akpos: I’m sorry sir, I started clubbing whenI came out of prison.

Father-In-Law:- U’ve also been in prison before? Oh my God!

Akpos: Sorry sir, I went to jail when I killed somebody!,

Father-In-Law:- What!!! U’re a killer???

Akpos: Sir, it happened out of anger. It was a certain man that didn’t allow me marry his daughter so I killed him.

Father-In-Law: You are highly welcome my son. U are on the right track. U are absolutely the right man for my daughter.

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