Akpos’ WAEC Results Finally Out

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Akpos’ WAEC result is Finally Out. The following conversation ensued between he and his father:

Papa Akpos: Akpos,I learnt your WAEC result is out.
Akpos: Daddy, you remember Arthur who used to emerge first in our class at the end of every term ? he failed. .
Papa Akpos: That’s terrible,what happened?

Akpors: You also remember Izzy who used to tutor me in the house? He failed too
Papa Akpos: what’s with the poor performance?
Akpos: Daddy I don’t know. That’s how it is.
Even Kelvin who won the Cowbell Science and Maths competition  failed.
Papa Akpos: so how was your own result?
Akpos : You also remember Osas our senior prefect? He failed too.
Papa Akpors: (Angrily) Boy, tell me about your own result!!
Akpos : (angrily) If all those people
failed, do you expect me to pass? Am I a wizard?

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  • Jonah Namasodo