Akpos Versus Father’s Creditor

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Papa: Papa Emeka is coming to collect d money i owed him. When he comes, tell him i have traveled. U hear??
Akpors: yes Papa.
Papa Emeka entered: Akpors where is ur father??
Akpors: he has travelled.
Papa Emeka: when is he coming bak?
Akpors: wait, let me go and ask him?
(Akpors went inside, open d bak of d door and said): Papa, papa Emeka said when are u coming bak??
Papa: tell him next week.
Akpors ran bak and said: Papa Emeka, my dady said i should tell u dat he wil be bak next week.
Papa Emeka: ok, go and tell him dat if he comes bak next week, he should let me know.

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