Akpos Jokes: Fear Grips Akpos

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One Rainy Night, Akpors was
walking down a Muddy
road, when a Slow moving car
came and stopped
near Him,
without Hesitation, akpors opened its
door and Sat on
the Co-Driver’s seat..
The Car started Moving Slowly,
looking at The Driver’s Seat, there
was No driver, Akpors became Soo
Just as He was trying to recover
from the shock, A
hand pooped from Outside and
Started controling
the steering wheel,.
Akpors Became Really afraid, And
Frozed on His
Seat,, he started Praying for His Life..
Just as he was praying, the slow
Moving car
approached a Corner, wondering
What will happen,
again the Hand pooped in from
outside And
the Car Round the Corner….
Now Akpors became Really
afraid,Gathered all his
strength, opened the Door, and Fell
outside, woke
up, Ran to a Late night Restuarant
and Ordered a
Hot Drink, sat on one Corner and
Try to recover
From the shock..
As He was having His Drink, two
guys with mud all
over entered the Restuarant and
Ordered a Drink..
One Of them said,
“Look at that
in the Corner,
He Is the One who Entered In the
Car While we
were Pushing it…!

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