Akpos Jokes: Akpos Visits Girlfriend

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A girl invited her boyfriend
(Akpos) over for dinner in her
house so he could meet her
parents. While they were eating, it
started raining heavily, so the girls
mother said; “Akpos, i think you
should sleep over here because
the rain shows no sign of
stopping anytime soon” After
eating, the mom went to the
toilet and the father went to
sleep while the girl went to the
kitchen to clean the plates. When
the girl and her mother returned
to the sitting room, Akpos was
not there, they checked
all over the house and did not
find him. As they were wondering
what happened to him, he
walked back into the house,
really soaked and with a plastic
Girl’s mother: Where were you
and why are you so wet?
Akpos: I went home to get my
pyjamas ma!

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