Akpos Jokes: Akpos and Boss

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Boss: Take this #150,000, go to
computer village and buy me a
quality laptop with a big RAM
Akpors: Okay sir!
Akpors didn’t return after two
days, so his boss decided to reach
him on phone.
Boss: Hello, Akpors, what kept
you long?
Akpors: The RAM
Boss: The RAM? How do you
mean? Where are you now?
Akpors: I’m on my way back from
Kano sir.
Boss: Kano?
Akpors: Yes Kano. I bought the
Laptop at Ikeja but I traveled to
Kano to buy the big RAM.
Boss: Oh my God!
Akpors(got angry): Oh my wetin?
Oga, no tear eye for me o. I be
small pickin? No be Laptop and
big ram you send me?

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